Benefits of Postnatal Reflexology

When baby arrives it’s not only exciting but exhausting for Mum and your new baby can break your normal routines leaving you with poor quality sleep and general tiredness. This is a time when hormone levels drop rapidly and can leave Mum susceptible to depression.  Often women can feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of looking after their tiny bundle.  Reflexology can be of huge benefit at this demanding time;

• Rebalance and restore hormones to avoid post natal depression
• Stimulate the production of breast milk
• Calming and relaxing - a bit of ‘Mum’ time
• Improve energy levels
• Aid sleep
• Support the return of your natural menstrual cycle

If it’s too hard to get away -  home visits can be arranged at this time.  I’m also happy to show Mum some helpful reflexology points on baby’s feet while I’m there.

I provide postnatal reflexology from my clinics based in Balham, Brixton, London Bridge and Borough Market, South East London.  Please click here to book your appointment.

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