Pregnancy is characterised by trimesters, ie landmarks of a baby's development in the uterus - they affect 'Mum' in very different ways:

As the development of the foetus takes place, huge hormonal changes in the body can cause sickness and worry as during this time there are so many threats facing a growing baby.

Reflexology is safe throughout pregnancy providing you see someone with specific training in pregnancy reflexology.  The treatments in themselves are very gentle with no direct pressure on the Uterus reflex point during this time. Reflexology sessions are a great way to relax and give the internal organs a chance to ‘breath’ and may help to relieve some of the symptoms of pregnancy.

Reflexology is a wonderful, natural and simple way of helping your body through the different stages of pregnancy. Responses to treatments are varied; most sense a feeling of well-being and deep relaxation, it is best experienced as a course.  Prior to any treatments I will send out a pre-sessioin questionnaire so that I get a full picture of your medical history and lifestyle e.g. diet, exercise & stress levels and recommend any changes needed to support a healthy pregnancy and I will often refer you to other practitioners if I feel you would benefit;

This is generally called the 'blooming' trimester as full establishment of the baby takes place and most women begin to feel incredibly well. 

Baby continues to mature and grow and this increase in size may begin to cause pressure and strain on Mum’s body.

There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that pregnancy reflexology can help to bring on labour, providing both mother and baby are ready.  We would always recommend that Mums-to-be start their treatments at least six weeks prior to their due date.

After 38 weeks to labour we use a much firmer pressure focussing on stimulating the production of Oxytocin to help ‘naturally’ induce labour to help towards a natural birth, especially if the due date has past, this can reduce the need for medical intervention. Treatment at this time may intensify contractions during labour and reduce labour time.  Combination treatments of Reflexology & Hypnotherapy at this stage can be very calming leading up to and preparing your mind and body for Birth. Twice weekly sessions are recommended at this stage.

I provide pregnancy reflexology from my clinics based in Balham, Brixton, London Bridge and Borough Market, South East London.  Please click here to book your appointment.

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