Menopause is the natural stage in a woman’s life that follows her fertile years.  It can be a wonderfully liberating time - but can bring about imbalance.

Hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain and depression are just a few of the symptoms associated with the menopausal time of a woman’s life.  Some woman can breeze through menopause with only mild irritation but for many it can cause great distress and significantly impact quality of life and relationships.

The hormonal problems of today’s women are often exacerbated through years of taking the contraceptive pill which interferes with the body’s natural hormone production and can accentuate the effects of oestrogen dominance.  Sadly a trip to the doctor with menopause symptoms for most women means a prescription for HRT, which while fine in itself doesn't suit everyone.

Whilst these products can help they are however synthetic hormones and differ from the body’s natural hormones.  Natural hormone replacement cannot be claimed as there aren’t the financial backings to run the tests required.  Many women now are choosing not to use prescribed products because of the reported side effects and are taking control of their treatments such as natural remedies and alternative therapies.

When working with symptoms of menopause we would look at diet and lifestyle together with regular Reflexology treatments to help balance hormones and generate a state of relaxation and well-being allowing you to grow old gorgeously!

I provide reflexology for menopause from my clinics based in Balham, Brixton, London Bridge and Borough Market, South East London.  Please click here to book your appointment.

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