Conception is a complex matter of health and well-being and needs a number of things for both the mother and father to be ready and balanced in order to succeed.  A woman’s hormones must be correctly balanced for the egg to develop normally and she must be ovulating so that the egg is released.  There are only 2-3 days per month when a woman is fertile.  The male partner must have healthy strong sperm to reach the egg and fertilise it!  The embryo then has to implant securely in the lining of the womb, which in turn needs to have the right levels of progesterone to maintain a healthy pregnancy!

Are you struggling to conceive?  This is a difficult time for you and your partner and can be an emotionally exhausting condition and very often goes unexplained. It can be quite common for it to take two to three years of trying to become pregnant. Some couples may be fertile but just never have the implantation stage succeed, some may have perfect implantation mechanisms but never have a baby because fertilisation fails.  In actuality, having a baby is about the interconnection of the two systems to allow conception - as I said, it’s all about balance! There can be many different causes such as age, diet & lifestyle and hormone imbalances but stress is a major factor. 

Reflexology is a holistic therapy both old and new that incorporates specific pressure techniques applied to the feet or hands to activate the body’s own healing power.  Through more than 7000 nerve endings on the feet and hands by stimulating these points we can link up to all the organs, glands & tissues in the body encouraging the opening and clearing of neural pathways to allow natural healing.

Fertility reflexology does not cure fertility or conception problems but it treats people with those problems in an holistic way.  Reflexology may help prepare your body for conception by ‘kick starting’ the body’s endocrine system, balancing hormones to help boost ovulation and to create the best body ecology to help achieve a viable pregnancy.  My aim is to support couples on their fertile journey; offering Reflexology as a relaxing time for you during this stressful time. We aim to create a healthier environment for your baby to grow, working together to balance blood sugar levels to help keep the rest of the body’s hormones maintained at the right level together with helping the body to expel environmental toxins and synthetic hormones to increase the chances of conceiving.

Sperm take about four months to mature so potential fathers need to be health-conscious for five months before conception so that they can produce healthy sperm; so reflexology treatments are also recommended for Dad too.

I absolutely love working in this field of reflexology.  There is a unique balance of complex emotions, science, biology, superstitions, new life and sometimes loss. Of course it's upsetting when things don't turn out as planned but for me a positive pregnancy test, the first scan photo and seeing my clients bloom in front of me  throughout pregnancy and then eventually meeting the new bundle is just so rewarding!

I will tailor a course of treatments depending on whether your own cycles are regular with follow up treatments at particular times of the month to stimulate ovulation.  Packages are available.

I provide fertility reflexology from my clinics based in Balham, Brixton, London Bridge and Borough Market, South East London.  Please click here to book your appointment.

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