Are you struggling to conceive? This is a difficult time for you and your partner. It can be an emotionally exhausting condition and often goes unexplained. It can be common to take two to three years of trying to become pregnant. Some couples may be fertile but just never have the implantation stage succeed, others may have perfect implantation mechanisms but never have a baby because fertilisation fails. In truth, having a baby is about the interconnection of the two systems to allow conception. It’s all about balance.There can be many different causes such as age, diet and lifestyle and hormone imbalances but stress is a major factor.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that incorporates specific pressure techniques applied to the feet or hands to activate the body’s own healing power. By stimulating points on the feet and hands connected to more than 7000 nerve endings on the feet and hands, we can link up to all the organs, glands and tissues in the body, encouraging the opening and clearing of neural pathways to allow natural healing.

Reproductive- reflexology does not cure fertility or conception problems but it treats people with those problems in a holistic way. Reflexology may help prepare your body for conception by ‘kick starting’ the body’s endocrine system, balancing hormones to help boost ovulation and to create the best body ecology for a viable pregnancy by bringing stress levels down.

I support couples on their fertility journey; offering reflexology as a relaxing time for you during this stressful time creating a healthier environment for your baby to grow, working together to balance blood sugar levels to help keep the rest of the body’s hormones maintained at the right level together with helping the body expel environmental toxins and synthetic hormones to increase the chances of conceiving. I will tailor a course of treatments depending on whether your own cycles are regular with follow-up treatments at particular times of the month to stimulate ovulation.



Are you struggling with fertility problems? Twenty-five percent of infertility remains medically undiagnosed which means that there is no certain physical cause. If you are considering IVF or are already in a cycle, using hypnosis as an additional therapy may significantly increase your chances.We can explore hitherto hidden reasons or issues that are causing an inbalance and preventing pregnancy.

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation that can be used to create inner change. It’s a productive state of inner absorption, a natural learning state that occurs from within. While in this state, there is a measurable decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, stress hormone levels and muscle tension leaving you with a wonderful feeling of relaxation. Hypnosis can be used in conjunction with life coaching, NLP & EFT. Together we can get to the heart of the problem allowing the body to return to a calm and balanced state.

During fertility hypnosis sessions, I will help identify and resolve issues that may be preventing conception. These include fears about pregnancy, birth and becoming parents; relationship issues; unresolved grief and trauma; and concerns about work, family or finance.

“I’ve seen for myself the relief on a clients face when they have let go of something that they have been holding on to.”



Reflexology is safe throughout pregnancy providing you see someone with specific training in pregnancy reflexology. The treatments are very gentle with no direct pressure on the uterus. Reflexology sessions are a great way to relax and give the internal organs a chance to ‘breathe’. They may help to relieve some of the symptoms of pregnancy.

Reflexology is a wonderful, natural and simple way of helping your body through the different stages of pregnancy. Most women sense a feeling of wellbeing and deep relaxation. It is best experienced as a course. Before treatment, I will send out a questionnaire so that I get a full picture of your medical history. I will often refer you to other practitioners if I feel you would benefit;

There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that pregnancy reflexology can help to bring on labour, providing both mother and baby are ready. We would always recommend that mums-to-be start their treatments at least six weeks before their due date. Between 38 weeks to labour, we use a much firmer pressure focusing on stimulating the production of oxytocin to help naturally induce labour to help towards a natural birth, especially if the due date has passed. This can reduce the need for medical intervention. Treatment at this time may intensify contractions during labour and reduce labour time. Combination treatments of reflexology and hypnotherapy at later stages of pregnancy can be very calming leading up to and preparing your mind and body for birth. We recommend twice-weekly sessions at this stage.



Hypnobirthing brings together the knowledge and skills of both midwifery and hynotherapy in a complete antenatal programme. You will learn about the physical process together with some valuable self-hypnosis skills. I can’t guarantee you pain-free childbirth- but a positive relaxed state will encourage a calm, comfortable and natural birth. Scientific studies have shown hypnosis reduces the need for medical intervention and can reduce labour time.

The programme consists of three two-hour sessions from 30 weeks onwards in which you will learn tools for a relaxed and controlled birth. You will have my full support during this vulnerable time with sessions either taking place in the comfort of your own home or at either of my London clinics.


When your baby arrives it’s not only exciting but exhausting. This is a time when hormone levels drop rapidly and can leave you susceptible to depression. Often women can feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of looking after their tiny bundle. Reflexology can be of huge benefit at this demanding time. It can:
• rebalance and restore hormones to avoid post-natal depression
• stimulate the production of breast milk
• calm and relax
• improve energy levels
• help you sleep
• support the return of your natural menstrual cycle
If it’s too hard to get away, home visits can be arranged at this time. I’m also happy to show you helpful reflexology points on your baby’s feet while I’m there


Couples who have problems conceiving or cannot maintain a healthy pregnancy may experience a roller-coaster of emotions including anger, jealousy, guilt, hopelessness anxiety and depression. This often affects work, friendships, family and relationships. I will help you identify and resolve any conscious and unconscious issues that may be preventing conception. These include unresolved trauma and grief, previous terminations, and fears about pregnancy, birth and sometimes parenthood. I use a combination of hypnosis, NLP and EFT talk therapies to help you to reduce stress and increase feelings of calm and relaxation to restore emotional wellbeing.



Are you experiencing hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain and even depression? Menopause is the natural stage in a woman’s life that follows her fertile years. Some woman can breeze through menopause with only mild irritation but for many it can cause great distress and significantly impact quality of life and relationships. Sadly a trip to the doctor with menopause symptoms for most women means a prescription for HRT, which doesn’t suit everyone. Many women now are choosing not to use prescribed products because of the reported side effects and are taking control of their treatments such as natural remedies and alternative therapies.

When working with symptoms of menopause, we would look at diet and lifestyle together with regular reflexology treatments to help balance hormones and generate a state of relaxation and well-being allowing you to grow old gorgeously!