Walk and Talk

What I Do

As a coach and talk therapist working in the field of women’s wellness I help my clients overcome many issues; severe symptoms of fear and anxiety, bereavement and loss, issues around fertility and trying to conceive, fears around childbirth and becoming a parent, relationship issues, post-natal depression, menopause and work related stress to name but a few. For many people self-isolating, those valuable weekly or fortnightly sessions have had to be put on hold for the moment. Whilst this pandemic is far from over, and there will be many more crises to come – we don’t know yet what our ‘new normal’ will be so I am continuing to help clients through Skype or Zoom rather than at the clinic but I know some find it uncomfortable to talk through their problems whilst in the home environment, so I have added another choice.

I know during lockdown how much I’ve looked forward to my daily walk outside so I am taking my therapy room outside into the open air, the sessions are held outside whilst still observing social distancing rules. The natural environment acts as a calming backdrop to any issues up for discussion. Walking parallel with other visual distractions around us can sometimes feel easier than face to face consultations when talking through issues, leaving behind four walls and being outside in nature within a bigger landscape may allow you to express your feelings easier.

Who’s It For

Mothers with babies or toddlers who may be struggling with post-natal depression who find it difficult to fit in therapy sessions, walking and talking therapy offers the ideal solution. Walking outdoors with your child in the pushchair, asleep or enjoying the great outdoors is good for everyone.
City workers, perhaps coping with trying to conceive, anxiety, stress or depression may also benefit as inner London is blessed with so many parks and riverside walks that can also act as a backdrop to a therapy session during lunch breaks, after work, etc. Obvious advantages are leaving the desk and the confines of the office behind and spending time outdoors which can help to reduce blood pressure and encourage ‘feel good’ hormones to be released throughout the body.

Families members affected by ‘lockdown life’; being under lockdown can be especially tough, perhaps you and your partner have both been isolated together which hasn’t been so easy and has raised some relationship issues. Sadly domestic violence has increased over the last few months. Maybe you’ve been on lockdown with your entire family and the lack of physical space has led to arguments, aggressive or violent behaviour. Lockdown has separated some couples during lockdown, maybe you feel a tremendous sense of loss, or you no longer feel the same way but you aren’t sure why. Talking is always good through these difficult and uncertain times.

How It Works

Every client is sent a pre-session questionnaire with an initial consultation via Skype or Zoom and would be assessed for suitability before taking any sessions outside.

What It Costs

Fees for a 50 minute consultation are usually £75 payable via online transfer or paypal before the sessions commence but with a reduction for clients who have been furloughed or who are temporarily unable to work. Please get in touch to discuss your affordability.


I am lucky enough to live close to Tooting Common and know it well, but have spent the last two months living close to Battersea Park, both have plenty of wide open and sheltered spaces where sessions can take place discreetly. All other locations are considered if you have somewhere else in mind – just ask. Weather is also a consideration so we can choose our times accordingly.